review is how to do the first love Shanghai Jiangxi Crane

2, keywords layout, I was the only teacher practice Cardiff "around the word" principle, to increase the site keyword density, as for what is called "a word" can go around love Shanghai, there should be a lot of lies.

my official website should be the optimization of Changfeng crane starting from mid July, this site is new sites, site structure, product information is not complete, is almost an empty shell, website optimization before a month are not what ranking, Nanchang ranked number 60 in the crane always, Jiangxi crane in addition to 100 at that time, I was depressed, these two words how competition could not be a month of work I have is to update the article and the chain construction, Links also changed a lot, nor is ranked no change. However, in mid August, the website miraculously rushed to the first, Jiangxi Nanchang crane crane words are rushed to the Shanghai first love. So I want to say is, Shanghai dragon really not what just follow a certain pattern, persist will be successful. I remember a month on the site, like other Shanghai dragon like ER, mainly in the following points:

two, website internal optimization

site is new, of course, is to let the search engines, the line on the website I have submitted to the site each search engine login entrance on the same day, this is the first step, in order to put out as soon as possible, I go to some BBS and classified information website sent several messages after the presentation, luckily I the site features the.

internal site construction mainly from the following aspects, the method is also from some Shanghai dragon predecessors articles and some experience tutorial seems, just on his website under the practice.

1, URL standard, the first I do not know what the word is called, I read some materials to understand, is the absolute address, such as web page often with other pages or links to other pages using the following "< a href=" /news.asp" > < a hrf="" /product.asp" ">;" these are relative address, the absolute address is my website using the "< a href=贵族宝贝**贵族宝贝/news.asp >" < "; a hrf=贵族宝贝**贵族宝贝/product.asp >", this is the absolute address, this well is also called URL standardization. As for the effect, Shanghai dragon predecessors said can increase exposure rate increase the weight of domain name, we did the rookie chant, the specific effect only we practice to know. So the Shanghai dragon dare to try, dare to practice, practice is the sole criterion for testing truth.


, a website

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