Shenyang Shanghai dragon Yang Lin if Shanghai Longfeng enterprise website optimization and process

Select the

five, the website structure optimization


code optimization

six, the domain name space

three, descriptionconfigures [description]


, a title set [title]

site is divided into two aspects, one is the physical structure, logical structure is two. Here I do not specifically say, love will appear in search of Shanghai answer.

(1) for the website optimization, the title is a very important work, because the title relates to something very much, want to write the title is not a simple matter, website title to attractive, can attract the user’s eye. Need to involve key words more important to most front, the length of the title in 30 Chinese characters within the proposed control.

(2) Shanghai dragon will know that "love Shanghai" does not know the word principle, friends can love Shanghai, it involves too much content is not specifically say, is simply a passage into a plurality of specific keywords, to study it themselves.

now has a lot of Internet companies in the front, do not understand the search engine optimization, in the production of static pages, there are a lot of junk code will in fact, junk code for the website optimization, or there will be no small impact. At the time, to see whether the site with respect to junk code, if there is time to delete. (junk code refers to useless page code)

two, set [Keywords]

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Keywords The

Hello, I am Shenyang Shanghai dragon Yang Lin, it has been more than 2 months not to A5 for submission, submission is August 2011 last day, because of the recent busy work, in addition to personal blog and website to optimize, so there has been no time for today Yang Lin time, a small "enterprise website should be if the Shanghai dragon" optimization optimization method of this article is in the enterprise website. The following is a personal opinion, please leave a message.


settings are more specific websites related to service, let love Shanghai more clearly your website is doing what, described in 100 words that Chinese characters within.

four, "

keyword is divided into 3 kinds of "core" Keywords "keyword related keywords" "long tail keywords", here is how the keyword specific operation, have love in Shanghai, the number of keywords is recommended by the 3-5, not too much or too little.

enterprise website optimization is actually very simple, basically divided into 2 stages, one is the station optimization, one is standing outside the promotion. Shanghai dragon enterprise website: time + perserverence = success. Below I talk to specific for each operation.

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