Search engine optimization picture to transfer more value

three: the picture in the page content optimization, search engine is how to grab the picture of love Shanghai picture index? The location also has a relationship with the picture, general picture content page or pictures around the correlation between keywords is more conducive to search engine classified index. Around the picture add picture keywords, can make the website pictures better ranking in search engines.

two: named on the picture, it is only the General Assembly upload pictures on the picture for the date of the renaming, but if related to the optimal angle for more pictures should transfer the information to the name of God, such as the picture is the expression of "wallpaper", the picture can be named "qiangzhi.jpg", or ".Jpg wallpaper" is also more likely to be understood by the search engines crawl, rather than automatically named "20110603.jpg" file name. And with the same file name Description in ALT tags.

four: optimization of image size, if it is a picture site, exactly how much more optimistic about the picture by search engines? For example: for example, your picture is a mobile phone wallpaper then according to the screen of the mobile phone standard, at the same time will expand the search engine is called "jpg JPEG," type pictures in front of.

is not a single picture transfer value, even if the search engines can identify what it is to pass the. Thus, even if it is difficult for the site to be included to weight or no flow. So we should do the following to change this transfer value:

: add keywords in the picture of ALT tag, this is what I do for a picture of the most important points in Shanghai dragon. Such as: < img; src= "www.*****贵族宝贝" alt= "Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon" > and the image tag optimization standard should contain: SRC, width, hight, alt, Title Five all according to the label, the label is one of the most important.

webmaster in website optimization is not how to optimize the fancy pictures, after all due to the picture of a single sexual transmission produced by the optimization results may be very little, but then the quantitative picture will also be on the part of the weight distribution in the main domain. A little but had to say, although the image optimization ranking on the site had no significant effect, but more consumption of server resources, but increase the exposure of a web site is still very effective. Website exposure enhanced, is also a successful search engine optimization. So, how to optimize our pictures? Many websites there are a large number of pictures, just use it to play the ornamental value? No, to picture more transfer value is we have to analyze the argument today.

five: avoid the chain chain, pictures stolen space caused by the traffic problems, the number of cases of severe.

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