The actual analysis of 19 floor wedding channel content setting methods and techniques

C) marriage gas station: "black", this is China put in love saying, marriage refueling, we all hope that love can be happy forever, refueling version of marriage can bring you the most original move, here, you can see some friends marriage thing, to love the most for details of the test, there is something about their feelings of the road, no matter what it is, it will give you a most true love.


wedding services, we are most concerned about is the wedding brought to us the value and experience, so the trading area is to make sure that a lot of friends, and exchange of moderators certified, and if want to have a most elegant service, here, you will be directly play when their own the charm of looking for service, to purchase.

d): the subject of constant law relationship law relationship is love, this is the theme of the piece



first of all, the author will be on the 19 floor of the wedding column list, as shown in figure

a) I want to marry the column: I believe each of love are young people at some time in the near future will be put on the wedding, everyone wants to have a happy marriage, so I want to get married ", just to meet such a demand, in this the column, we can see that a lot of married son, about getting married on the vision, the sun greatly happy, I believe that in such a forum, everyone can find their own position, and that a love touched.

in this picture, we see a few of the more important column, "I want to get married", "purchase" wedding service, "big four", "marriage gas station", "the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law", "wedding supplies trade", "love in an earthly paradise", these columns, from in these columns we can see the details of the following marriage is very important.

I believe that every marriage >


b) wedding service station: marriage procurement procurement is every friends need to experience things, but when we carefully selected, not much to say, directly above

in Hangzhou, Hangzhou on the 19 floor, so the largest local community has a habit of great, so naturally will focus on some contents of the construction of the site itself, this article, through the wedding channel to talk about the content of skills and methods, but also when it is as an extension of a relatively large number after all, a category, industry, as to fully grasp all the characteristics of this industry, and then put into the content of the website construction, can have a big impact on the industry, then this series will begin from the wedding channel.

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