Talk about the thinking strategies of Shanghai dragon have Ma Yun

Liu Yufan once mentioned, Shanghai dragon is thinking and technical work, thinking everything, and we Shanghai Longfeng Er do more should is to think about what to think? How can bring more traffic to the site, bring more conversion rate, which is not just a search engine optimization on the line.

Hello, I’m Liu Yufan, said the Agam and the spirit of dedication to imitate Ma Huateng, caused a lot of friends in the industry of resonance, of course there are these the former, can extend down. Shanghai Longfeng, with technology and execution, can only be a qualified Shanghai dragon, but it is difficult to become a master of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon about more or thinking of technology, thinking can decide everything. The next Liu Yufan Ma Yun and we talk about the thinking strategies of

on the thinking strategies of Ma

you should remember that Taobao changed its name to Tmall to do it, you will not know the change of the privatization of the Alibaba, which you don’t think Ma Yun is just a brainstorming, Ma Yun and strategy in the Internet is for having heard it many times. His every step, every decision, every idea, are thinking, but also consider the long-term direction.

works in the Internet, could not recognize ma. (I think everyone should go to Shanghai, see Ma Yun Ma Yun) is the founder of Alibaba, a Alibaba in Hangzhou does not really understand the Internet English teacher under the leadership of Ma Yun has gone through 12 years, created a lot of legends.

About thinking strategy of Shanghai Dragon

for example, we optimize a keyword, but you don’t think in user groups, but did not consider the company itself angle, blindly do some competition, and the pertinence is not strong words, even if you are optimizing up, and how this, flow is brought, but the conversion rate no need to follow, so Shanghai dragon thinking strategy, we must think clearly, how is the long-term plan, should do what keywords to quickly rank, but also can increase the conversion rate.

For example,

in Guangzhou, Shanghai dragon do wedding photography industry, but because the competition is very fierce, many of the wedding photography word to do the bidding, and Liu Yufan optimization of the company website (Guangzhou wedding photography 贵族宝贝gtcdj贵族宝贝 and enduring as the universe) and Shanghai have not had sex in bidding, the first Guangzhou Shanghai dragon of optimization is the "Guangzhou wedding photography" in a word, in a very long period of time, our company website has been ranked in the sixth page, at that time, Guangzhou Shanghai dragon after a double think, give the company made a net activity theme: free experience shooting, then we and some cooperation forum, we use their platform. They use our brand to boost their forum, with the promotion of this activity, finally made the very end.


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