The new station two months up to 2 PR optimization experience sharing

as everyone knows, "the website is king" is a topic of Shanghai dragon circles a commonplace talk of an old scholar. This is precisely the common problem, after my investigation found that many Shanghai dragon Er did not really pay attention to it, the friends in the online copy + paste or slightly modified, that one or two does not matter, this is their lucky heart some search engines have the. My site is basically the original, of course I don’t have all the original, I usually practice is: to find on the Internet website and similar articles, and then read a few articles, in the light of their own experience, in a few minutes, an appearance of original articles can be completed.

3. build chain circulation network


through a lot of practice I found that before and after the search engine more website visitors included more frequently. So friends can use their website traffic statistical analysis user access to the peak and then publish the article in the peak before the number of sites according to their own strength to consider. Don’t send a N, then a few days aside. The best time is updated every day, and every day in the above mentioned articles.

by the webmaster tools to check me a website (here AD) comprehensive information website, found that PR value soared to 2. I said the surge is a certain reason, because this is my new on-line in June of this year, rose just two months PR is really a surprise. In Anxi, I also calm my summary of optimization work in these two months, now the optimization of experience to share with everyone, hope to bring value to your work in Shanghai dragon.

On August 5th at

2. update of

4. the chain to adhere to

1. content need to implement

a lot of friends and the quality to publish original articles, that is the end of the release. In fact, an article on the Internet has a quality article is the need to have more in the chain, and are closely related to the station. Within the chain how to do? A keyword, a title can add links, link address is a special column, can be an article, can also be a tag cloud. Of course, the general is the main station in the core keywords and links.

although I stand on the line for two months, the chain number but love Shanghai now: 1540. Maybe you will feel the chain difficult, in fact, the chain important trying to send, and release time also pay attention to. Suggestions to weight high website soft, chances are deleted is relatively small. How do I do? First, I still insist on, second, I choose the weight of high site, such as Admin5, because I not only share the valuable experience for everyone, the chain also can get higher weights. If you really feel difficult, reverse link can see my site, so you can do the same.

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