To explain the actual case of small and medium enterprises more competitive station

for keywords on my website, a total of product water truck, tank truck, truck cranes, garbage trucks, refrigerated trucks, the 8 types of chemical vehicles, liquefied gas tanker, high-altitude operation car, meaning that a cake I divided into 8 copies, so each keyword the resource is very few, this website has been launched for half a year, but still there is no ranking of these keywords. Of course, no ranking is normal, because my competitor’s website although the website in the same way several models, but in their title and the chain, are just focused on one or two models, so they are relatively more competitive, so I this idea is very large and complete failure. This idea makes me as a warning for the future, began to small and fine aspects to development. In June this year, the company launched a new model, called LED car advertising, that is to take this product I added to my website, but I insist to do an independent site, to verify my opinion. Finally spent half a month’s time, including product upload website construction has been completed, please see below:

is now the Shanghai dragon station to do business should still occupy the majority, an enterprise may be up to several types of products, but small business station is small and fine or large, how to choose and plan, must be taken into account before we build enterprise station problem. Through my own experience to illustrate some of the advantages and disadvantages for everyone.


new website launched in July 30th, the site from top to bottom are described in this LED advertising vehicle models, now is the time of 18 days, but the effect is very obvious, I one day only in the A5 cast a soft, finally in 18 days, the target keyword row to the top twenty. Although the words of love Shanghai index is not high, but there are still a certain competitive, because in front of about 10 love Shanghai, should still have the commercial value. To see if we cut a figure:


first we have to learn to use the principle of cake. The weight of a web site as a cake, if more content on your site, then get the weight of each resource is less, but in reality we often love to eat a big fat man, always thinking about the full flowering, the result of this is a keyword ranking did not do. So in our hands is certain, how many words of the site keywords on our website competitiveness has a direct relationship. So if you are small, only two to three words, focus your resources, so as to get a better ranking. This is what we call the small business site is small and fine, but this does not seem much convincing to explain to my two website:

my new website station is around the keywords LED advertising vehicle to start, the user enters my site is not found.

The red box above

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