The improvement of Shanghai Longfeng ethos to the truth of case

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on which we can see a picture of the past 5 years in Shanghai Longfeng data records, so the site’s domain name has no ground for blame for 6 years, or even longer, do Shanghai dragon knows, domain name age is a crucial factor of affecting the website ranking, can be said that a good domain name in Shanghai Longfeng optimization in at least 5 more, that is to say as long as your domain name good no violation records, domain name age is long enough, your ranking will certainly better, such as: Shanghai dragon stick a day, you see people Zac boss sent outside the chain, there are often updated? So a domain age is important.

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website Luo Yang Shi today with Chengdu Shanghai dragon the word stable website first statement, Yang Shi only from their own point of view to analyze the website, and nothing else, the word Chengdu Shanghai dragon competition says big, say small is also like that, or Yang Shi established the site initially that sentence, Chengdu Shanghai dragon and Chengdu website optimization these two words for a professional Shanghai dragon Er really do not want to do, but the value is not large, but recently viewed in some areas of Shanghai Longfeng words, basically can see a student agency website, from the chart you can see the top 5 name 4 are, of course figure circle marked the Yang Shi website, Yang Shi is also very depressed, is powerful Shanghai Longfeng elders are all dead? (not malicious, just caused outrage) Such a situation is nothing more than a generous words inspired institutions detest the world and its ways and a number of new friends to create value and honor for them to tell the truth, you go. Fortunately, they will in the open class ah what class you didn’t mention, you put it, this thing is Shanghai Dragon in order to have a dream, a shortcut to love the Internet friends, but some institutions are using this shameless practices to create their own value, using some existing resources to deceive a fledgling man with a dream, good nonsense not say, or look at the poem on the analysis views the Chengdu Shanghai Luo Yang the dragon’s website.

The word "

webmaster tools of interception of the pictures displayed on the webmaster tools information, domain name registration number was 1 years and 4 months and 8 days, of course, this is not possible, Yang Shi used the overseas well-known domain name chain checking tool to study the domain name, the domain name age at least in fact more than 6 years, some high data can’t see, because Yang Shi network, real age has been unable to view this website with the domain name with another tool abroad, so here to say sorry, but this tool, at least 6 years, we can see a screenshot of the

, a domain name analysis

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