The spider cloud era search ranking night automatic screen

as the seller of the software can not be achieved by extrapolation of automatic guided cloud spider love Shanghai, crawling, included extrapolation paste function, the recommended novice shop because the novice just does not have its own * * * spider resources in, delete posts before time will lead to difficult spider.

saw more than a few snapshot ranking case, some did not come into contact with the extrapolation is yilengyileng don’t know how to do, how can one night ranked so much, or automatic

, for example, you will see

belongs to the

said automatic is exaggerated, keywords have to prepare a lot of their own industry, are generally thousands of tens of thousands of words, copied to the extrapolation software, write their own contact, then a lot of hair, generally a good software efficiency one day send thousands of thousands are normal. The screen is so sent, the first step to select with automatic collection > cloud spider

screen! screen!



software has been selected, how to carry on the automatic


screen? ?

example 1: loose some time ago Bowen wrote "3 days 30 thousand combat record"

example 2: love Shanghai site:www.douban贵族宝贝 fine gold

, automatic screen snapshot ranking overnight, then can continue to look down.

because the word limit, I am afraid you can not write more on my simple bar.


why is the cloud era spider night snapshot ranking automatic screen

Want to learn

screen PowerWord extrapolation

example 3: love Shanghai site:www.wowsai贵族宝贝 fine gold

do not come and extrapolation sometimes get to post URL to send the chain guide love Shanghai spiders included post will be deleted, white hair. The general post the next few minutes or sometimes extrapolated post by the webmaster, must let the spider climb to love Shanghai in the deleted before.

continued to loose some time ago to write a blog post "3 days 30 thousand" combat record screen PowerWord extrapolation that is using extrapolation software to third party site to post high weight, the spider to included posts, so as to achieve the night included tens of thousands of PowerWord

software need to ask before buying to sell software developers have extrapolated docking cloud spider included automatic function, if not can bypass the

, why do you say that?Because

, first of all, you can search on the QQ group or love Shanghai search, post extrapolation extrapolation software will appear in a variety of ranking software.


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