Website weight transfer skills Construction of weight transfer to home page

today we’ll start page to transfer the weight of the homepage.

began to introduce the two problems I think we already know the weight of single link will decrease with the number of variable page link, enhance the weight of single link so reducing the number of page links can be indirectly.

, a depth decrease pageThe

two, to reduce the

then we need to know is the weight value of the weight value is a virtual thing, here we make an example, with specific figures to visualize. If I weight on your own website Shanghai Longfeng this page is 2, then this page in a total of 10 links to other pages or outside the station, then transfer the weight of each link is 2/10.

website weight can be transferred, in the website optimization process everywhere can transfer the weight, when it comes to transfer the weights of the website, no doubt you will think is the anchor text, this is no ground for blame. Whether inside or outside the chain chain, as long as there is in the form of links is the way to transfer the weight of the will.

at the same time the weight transfer or direction, for example on the site, home page by the inward transfer; transfer from page to page; on the site, outside of the transfer station to station by station outgoing transfer station. So do the site layout inside and outside especially important weight.

is the webmaster website weight has been very concerned about, and has been trying to raise. Weight is an abstract thing, although the weight of the website is not everything, but we must not ignore. Right in a sense, the search engine is a score on the website, and the score is also related to the web search results list ranking in the search engine.

page to transfer the weight of the home page and we usually do the hair of the chain is the method to improve the weights of the website is different. The inside pages to the home page of the weight transfer is in the chain weight will be directly transferred to other sites within the pages of your website, in order to enhance the weight of their own website pages, then weight pages to the home page links to improve the web page.

The number of links in the page In the

page is also reduced depth decrease directory level, the website structure is flat in the structure of the site said the. Not only reduce the directory hierarchy is favorable for transmission of weight, but also conducive to the search engine spiders crawl and crawl.

understanding of the two basic contents above, we need to layout above, and the work station.

has many webmaster page article on the site will do a lot of CMS module, compare "related article", "popular article", this page really neat, but the weight of single link value decline, and ultimately affect the overall site.


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