The user search engine keywords and links

A member of the Beijing

second page description, description page code in

the most important page name, also is the page code in the title part of

and keywords to determine the title and description, the following considerations, the following with a page for example:

from Shanghai Longfeng perspective to define these elements have a common name: keywords.

these words as the core of the entire page, namely d>

Party: Beijing OpenRice member

search engine from the point of view of search engines on a page included the following contents:



page is the main reaction information is as follows:

love is a tool, although it is very great, but as people looking for information on the network tools, the most basic principles it follows is the user’s reading habits. The user to form love Shanghai needs is the most direct love in Shanghai search box through words, phrases, sentences and other elements of a few links through. The love for Shanghai is that it needs of users, the largest part of the how to meet the needs of users, this is the origin of love Shanghai algorithm.

in Beijing OpenRice OpenRice network organized the fourth delicacy Street visit to win love, made a delicacy tasting in Beijing that cafe.

[Fourth] love street dinner visit — that cafe 贵族宝贝openrice贵族宝贝.cn/beijing/article/detail/1425.htm

organizers: Beijing OpenRice + the cafe

Reflect the

content: the shop taste

users through the keyword search to the most specific information is: "the display of title+description as follows:

on some pages, because the frame problem may appear description is shown on this page: bread crumbs navigation, the bottom information, here involves the web frame structure, temporarily do not comment.


to see from the whole, the core keyword is the entire page, the keywords keywords derived title and description.

we work very much and is related to web content, web content can meet the needs of users can bring traffic to your site. We have most of the flow from love Shanghai, and here will introduce you to Shanghai for the influence of love ".

web content for:


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