He Mountain Jade can attack the stone chain analysis of Shanghai Longfeng cattle station

The recent historical data, the chain of 2, the basic information of The continuous adjustment of !

1, the station main keyword difficulty! Look at this data, but is losing weight keywords, the difficulty of the word you should know

4, use the domain command to see the specific situation of the station chain. Perhaps a webmaster will love Shanghai domain command is not allowed, but this does not prevent us from see come probably, to see the trend, this is enough! This station outside the chain construction mainly divided into the following categories:





3. It is very stable, there are fluctuations, but very small, not so in the webmaster online complaints could be cut down the middle half. What? That outside the chain of high quality! Be few, increase the stability of


see a cattle station, a single page of Taobao keyword weight class guest website Shanghai dragon! Everyone knows, love Shanghai now do not like Taobao station, so this can highlight more station level! This station is worth learning in many places, but this time I carefully look at the construction of the chain part

1): video website, and almost in the chain in the majority. The video site outside the chain is not unusual, but do so much may be a bit surprised many webmaster expectations, but according to my observation of a chain of many websites have begun to tend to the video site class. Video site outside the chain it is convenient, and the chain is stable, but the higher bandwidth requirements of owners, after all.



station! Love Shanghai weight 6, that not only the home key to do good, long tail keywords is still outstanding, it certainly cannot do without the construction of the chain powerful! Love Shanghai in August 16th to check the snapshot August 1st snapshot, you don’t seem too superstitious this snapshot included 485, according to the domain name! Age, every day is not to one, you should not rely on the number of original content to win the original station, estimation of high quality, and is reproduced, bring chain! See the chain, estimates that many webmaster will be very disdain said, only more than 10000 ah!!, more than 10000, although love Shanghai the chain allowed, but no error is so large, the chain of only more than 10000 stations, will lose weight class competition keywords worst home second (the first is the inside pages of the NetEase), together with the long tail keywords ZhengZhan Shanghai love weight to 6. The construction of the chain which is more worthy of our careful study of this station

some time ago love Shanghai so many owners outside the chain drop, a time of complaints as one falls, another rises. But the opportunity for those who are prepared, when everyone complains, but need to calm down and think carefully about the countermeasures. OK, I think there is no clue? They take a shortcut, imitation is not a master? Let’s go through the road, time-saving and safe

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