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2016, the new three board suffering from liquidity, a total of 250 trading days, more than 80% trading day trading volume of less than 1 billion yuan.

for 2017, read the king has ten major conjectures. 12 months later, when you look back, the forecast is accurate.

any similarity is purely coincidental.

as one of the share transfer system the core of the work task, liquidity package will be launched this year, the specific time point should be around May, with the launch of this time is this year’s innovation layer.

conjecture 1: Mobile package solutions will be announced before May Day


conjecture two: innovation layer will inevitably select the selected layer

read, Jun calculated that the new three board in 2017 on the signing is very Tailai – 2016 three new board’s fortunes are poor, but in 2017 will be completed Jedi counterattack.

ten outspoken character, is the "time weekly" list of figures. What is the title of outspoken character? It is not a big beauty, handsome 1234 according to this degree of order, which all kinds of people have some obvious, belongs to the pain grandmother uncle does not love people. Let’s see each other one by one.

row in the first two are government officials.

and Hunan, the Loudi municipal Party committee secretary Cai Lifeng, 10 times of unannounced visits to folk, expose collusion scandals; Beijing city CPPCC member Zhang Weiying, known as the "Wulong gunner" in order to avoid him, too many people in Beijing, proposed the population access system, fall down some notoriety. Chinese Academy of Finance researcher Yi Xianrong stunned, he said "Shanghai prices fell 50%, 30% decline in prices in Beijing." First, he said that the real estate bubble there are many, many, many people who are not anxious to live, do not buy a house. The real estate business must hate S!

"is a good thing, outspoken person can live well, it is a good thing. Like or hate, without them, the world is too quiet.  

three new board ushered in a new year.

, the absolute number of enterprises in the innovation layer is too much.

read Jun, but also pinch fingers calculation, 2017 new three plate fortune.

the new board of the wolf of Wall Street existed for a long time, they often played the role of Cheng Meinv not really beautiful, using the WeChat phone, various way of screening out those of three new knowledge, but also want to get rich investors, it is nothing more than "soon to be listed", "double profits next year." so, with the trade agreement is much higher than the actual value of the stock sold to investors.

, even if it is the number of 1560 innovation layer companies, is far more than the Shanghai stock exchange, less than 1200 listed companies, close to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the number of more than 1800 companies. Innovation >

package will include private equity market floor, block trading system landing, as well as public funds into the market and other policies, will be launched in 2017.

liquidity, this troubled three new board has long been a problem, will be completely resolved in 2017.

first layered in 2016, more than 13% of enterprises went into innovation layer. Assuming that in April 30, 2017, the new three Board reached 12000 companies, then innovation layer company in 2017 at least 1560. Consider the maintenance standards of innovation layer is lower than the entry standards, enterprises are more familiar with the innovation layer standards, this year, the number of innovative layer only a lot more.

read Jun predicted that after the package announced, the daily turnover of more than 2 billion yuan will become a common phenomenon, a single day turnover of more than 5 billion yuan will also appear.

private equity market initial public offering for landing, into the city for a long time, the State Council and the Commission on the new board repeatedly mentioned, 2016, three new board improvement in the liquidity policy, is "everything is ready".

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