Not included how to create a visit to 500P station

The content of the website This paper focus on the promotion of

(one). The user experience is the first one, a novel placed pop ads in the early do not stand, the user first to see pop, you think second times will come? Love Shanghai spiders also think so. This is a good point, or inline, spiders will be lost. The best is the spider in your site around to do not let him out, it would be good for the collection oh.

I feel not garbage collection, maintain and update the content focusing on the timing point. Love must be submitted before Shanghai is rich in content, do not think that 3 data entry will be included in your love Shanghai station, is not so simple in the test period will give you the page snapshot. The station today submitted love Shanghai, about 4000, all collected.

1. site positioning target

(two). At the early stage of urban Marshal website without snapshot, not included, and others exchange Links is gone, but there are a lot of website can be. This paper recommended self-help >

index of the Shanghai love a commonplace talk of an old scholar, you can define the key content. All new, don’t worry about the definition of key words.

this is the priority among priorities, no target sites do you think you do? Do the standing of Shanghai 贵族宝贝index.baidu贵族宝贝/ index or search love daily attention to love Shanghai billboard, find your best keyword start position, generally found in daily visits to the ten thousand to start the City Marshal Search Volume 18 thousand, I get the spelling COM domain name for love optimization in Shanghai has been a big step forward.

today to tell you how to love in Shanghai not included, no weight under the condition of build day visit to 500IP, this promotion should be applied to most of the new site. Most entry-level webmaster is expected to work, we hope to help. The following are examples to explain, take my new novel as city marshal.

entering the website operation, everyone with all kinds of hopes and dreams, but since the love Shanghai May 2011 update algorithm a lot of traffic station killed all station group website collapse batch, garbage station only starting from content, decide on what path to follow, but new sites want to spend smoothly in Shanghai love test period, is very difficult, all not included, all is K, so we grassroots webmaster dream to exit the website operation reduced to fragments, ranks. People watching movies, novels, type QQ station, the one hundred thousand, millions of IP, why do we do this? We are too stupid, or what place do not place, I have engaged in the Internet part-time job for 4 years, also have tens of thousands of IP, advertisers chasing ass looking for me to do advertising. Miya!!!





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