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chain resources are looking for you just love Shanghai beyond count, you will be able to see N, but today I want to share is a personal experience for many years Shanghai Longfeng hope that we launched in the chain today Scindapsus algorithm, the website weight becomes very little under the condition of hard to read the search engine then also arrive however you multi platform released outside the chain, many manufacturing high quality chain etc..

5, open directory


1, the most simple and direct domain: Web site, this can see the opponent the chain of information, in the course of love Shanghai webmaster tools platform launched today we can also query the better effect in this. Because here you can see the site all external links.

we get right: These are 20 kinds of chain for

website chinadmoz open directory sites, 35 categories, as the output class web site, because of the particularity of the website itself plus the limited open directory sites, so this kind of resources to become very precious.

website: hao123, the output.

Methods the

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site go9go Links Chinaz station platform, trading platform, need to find more direct search for "love Shanghai Links platform" can. Links with site navigation station, this station is connected sites often weight are particularly high output, this kind of website is usually included and quickly, is a high quality of the chain.

site navigation station

4, Links platform

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3, with friends to exchange resources

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A5 did not come for a long time to publish the article, during in Shanghai dragon training work, today the author in her spare time to share a "method" for the whole history of the chain resources.

in Shanghai dragon industry friends all know that their man is not looking for much outside the chain of high quality resources, this time we need to exchange resources with our friends.


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