[six] on the basis of judging the website keywords ranking advantage

On the basis of the four specific

information search

. On the basis of a precision :



according to the value of keywords transaction > information > addressing words. And the long tail theory is the same.

attractive would certainly have ranked second, ranked second word is typical regional words, such as: you do is Wuhan moving, moving Shenzhen is ranked second term, users may not find remote services, regional word rejection is the most obvious, if the second row of words appears in the title that will greatly affect the target keywords ranking.

to search related information according to the website, can not directly generate transaction search, such as: what is Stinky tofu

Keywords According to

strong purpose, such as: Taobao, China bank

two: attract

good? At this stage,

website optimization than is user construction and content construction, and construction quality content need to choose between keywords, content construction of the title, description, keywords, keyword content directly determines the ranking and user behavior, and has advantages of ranking keywords set more webmaster favorite, so how to judge whether the site keywords ranking has advantage? We look at the following six bases:

precision is that the search of the word user is not your users, this is mainly based on the user’s search behavior: addressing search, information search, search transaction.


: on the basis of the three row of

products of the same kind / phase contains put together to do keywords, there is correlation between keywords, words don’t different products, not related in



considered attractive relationship between each other, between keywords will contribution will help support auxiliary support. Such as the Shanghai dragon and attractive website optimization is very big, but the Shanghai dragon and product sales attraction is not closed.

: on the basis of the five time

washing machine, such as different kinds of TV products do not specific, should not be placed in a column to do. Flat screen LCD TV box on the line. A company has a lot of different products, the product correlation is not high enough, you can establish different races, different sites according to different products, or put in a different directory optimization.

can directly buy information through the search term, the accuracy of the highest, the strongest value. Such as: Changsha Stinky tofu

timeliness refers to with the passage of time, the user needs change, the timeliness of the typical case is the Taobao 11.11 last year, today’s Day is coming, go to two eleven words, of course, the timeliness of keywords is only suitable for some sites. < >

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