Follow the principle of website external links

is a normal web site may not all be good links, and not common, even relatively poor quality links. External links construction, should also be roughly the external links to a natural, random, wide source, showing the characteristics of normal, otherwise the search engine is likely to be identified as deliberately position, it can not achieve the effect.

high quality content can bring high quality links, and the link is not your site content, so in the end is unable to obtain high quality external links. That is like a tongue twister, simple speaking is to want to let the other links to your site, you must provide value for each site, the most important is the value of high quality. There is no free lunch, no high quality content, the link is only exchange, purchase or spam links.

is looking for external links, the content related to the most important criteria of sex. The content of the website directly to the value of each other than those not related website, the same industry website of the external links between quality is very high, the effect will play to the maximum. So many people have access to other people within the same industry blog and message, communication and mutual support, to become active participants in the industry is very important.

is the fundamental content content

three, the correlation between

in the external links do note that the diversity of Web sites, blogs, forums, new website all types don’t fall. Don’t ask for the PR value.

, a greater degree of difficulty, the higher the value of

external links is the search engine one of the standards for the weight of your site, external links resources can help you easily improve the search engine’s weight, so that your site included, get better effect ranking. But in the construction of external links, need to follow the following principles, can play a multiplier effect.

four, the source link widely

some weight high website does not accept Links, only to know you, I believe you, I can give you a one-way link. This process may take several months, more difficult to get this link, it is more effective.


but in general, the more difficult the links, the better. Shanghai Longfeng personnel must not because the first contact is to get disheartened and give up. Many times get links from high weight blog, news sites, forums, need to contact with each other for many times. Sometimes can’t come up for a link, but also to make friends with each other, to help each other, there is certain after links between the request, to become natural.

actual operation of Shanghai Longfeng people know that the original content and external links are two difficulty, are time-consuming work. External links and even to guarantee a devotion to output, good external links is more difficult.

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