From the statistical data on how to optimize Shanghai Longfeng effect

2. statistical data from the improvement and optimization of the chain site

website placed advertising, I try to constantly adjust the position and style of advertising, combined with other webmasters experience so as to continuously optimize the online advertising revenue, and according to the traffic statistics web site, I also did not simply put these statistics by, and is to take some time to look at it carefully which contains information through careful comparison and analysis, I discovered that in fact from behind the statistics can tap into many help to further optimize the webmaster optimization effect that website of Shanghai Longfeng, today I put in this experience to share with you:

after a period of development, some of the web site keywords have been able to get a good ranking, but want to further consolidate these rankings, you need to keep the attention of their owners, and completes the consolidation and maintenance work. I just play through the statistical data comparison of two days or even longer period of time, to bring changes in flow keywords, to timely understand the ranking changes in some key words. For example: in some traffic statistics, in the first place keywords bring traffic flow caused by the sudden drop, so naturally need immediate attention to this issue and take measures; and in finding new keywords suddenly bring traffic rises, more timely to consolidate the achievements, increase the optimization of the new keywords. Build.

The distribution of

3. from the statistical data of different parts of the speed optimization

throughout the site outside the chain can continue to bring traffic, but there are some time and the weight of the chain will change, through the statistical data in the "detailed source" view and analysis, and analyzed the detailed source site for a period of time, we can see the high weight and low weight the website chain situation clearly, we can know better the chain effect which brings from the forum, which can be more targeted to release the chain, the layout of the new. I also discovered some unexpected traffic sources, such as some of the website link on their blog users, and what I’ve ignored that the weight of the lower station, through continuous discovery of new traffic sources outside the chain, the chain can make more diversified layout of their own, to further enrich the chain website a.

1. from the statistical data shows that the advantage of

as a personal webmaster, I have many webmaster like other habits, such as: open the computer after the first thing is to see the website advertising revenue, the second thing is to view the site traffic statistics, the third thing is to open the A5 forum, probably has nothing to do with the site that is fourth what. But every day to repeat the same action, the same behavior will lead to some thinking to do more, like the so-called "quantitative cause qualitative change, do a long time you will want to do it better, not just stay in a simple repetition, piaffe level.

According to website keywords

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