Electric district 2012 a new SEM e commerce specialist Operations Guide

?From a long-term development perspective:

every game will take Shanghai dragon by means of dripping every minute, whether it is link bait, or new station to break out of the sandbox, or a variety of marketing tools, these are all new and many players need to learn, why others can operate linkbait, others can manipulate the love of Shanghai news, and you can not. After the race, you can learn these things? I believe that many people have started to pay attention to these! It can be said that any Shanghai dragon training are the clouds, Shanghai, nothing more than those things, the key is your execution, Shanghai dragon why do better not exceed that time point the present situation, stone will be the future of Shanghai dragon WHY shadow, so studying the technology, you become a consultant, or become a large e-commerce company Our director of operations, all from the actual needs, in fact very early with my friend or my students are aware of the experts is not articulate, but you really have the ability to operate these capabilities, you will

Look from contacts:

every game regardless of tiger Valley, or the Bo excellent, give owners to participate in the competition incentive, whether it is prestigious fame, have aroused many owners to participate, and through these games there are many enterprises in pursuit of extraordinary talent, the first business although with a little money to do the promotion of the operation, but now 10 thousand yuan for the grassroots, even now the company workers, these are very optimistic, I dare you to participate in the competition for no money to


the first commercial network operator, is the third company of Shanghai dragon competition operation, speaking of the Shanghai dragon competition, can be said that everyone has everyone’s ideas, but after all we summarize this contest is to bring what, what drives! The article did not like Shanghai, why and as issued by some extreme articles, these are not our marketing staff have thought.

The business circle the game

from the technology improvement on

every game will have different people involved, whether new or old, or think you cattle B, or is revered as a master or, whenever the competition, as long as there will always be people who’ll help them establish communication circle, and then expand the network of people, this is the most important in the game, and the game a lot of friends have been started, there is a saying that good friends: the way! Network marketing circle, we mix are not technology, but contacts.

do network marketing for the network, as long as you honor, accumulated in one, you will no longer be available for work after you worry, many smart people are in constant use of any opportunity to improve their visibility, such as the selection of experts, a columnist for the audit and so on, so that those who want to gain a foothold in the network marketing industry >

from the desire of money on

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