About Google included unstable reason analysis

Fuqing Shanghai dragon that the search engine algorithm it is not necessary for further research, but also because of their opinions, never open search engine, can only say that we do find some positive signs of Shanghai dragon to follow, a positive response for some calls on the search engine, do not do illegal operations, then the rest is execution and adhere to the problem, a little progress every day, summarize a little success,

if you are gray industry, then it is possible in violation of the law of Internet information security. If you use heimao, you may suffer from a devastating blow. If your web server downtime, the server is linked to the horse, website backdoor, website frequently revision, then your site included a natural problem.

if you visit贵族宝贝 or.Cn are to go to贵族宝贝.hk. And sometimes we visit the mainland Hongkong server is a problem, sometimes there is no way to display the Google snapshot, so China mainland website Google included estimates will be subject to fluctuation and influence.

Fuqing Shanghai dragon on the Google included unstable analysis of 5 aspects, we hope to help.

3, the content of the website is not high quality

is a web site of the internal links website management fabric, crawling is smooth with site navigation, the internal structure, the link has a direct relationship, imagine the spider to site all the way, she definitely on your site look, you called her. The chain of Google is difficult to do, Links as the chain more, because the quality is good enough, choose high quality soft article is also good the chain. If you think Google links out of order, so she won’t take you seriously, the normal fluctuations are also included.

1, Google exit Chinese server to the mainland market, Hongkong

, 4 links (with the chain chain) layout


by Fuqing Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon.Org/334.html 贵族宝贝fq the original address, welcome.

recent Google panda algorithm crackdown on site is quite wide, the chain of garbage, trash content, spam, cheating site, heimao Shanghai Phoenix will receive severe punishment. I love Shanghai and seemingly also imitate Google collected first re examination, Google now for the content of grasping ability is quite active, but the release was delayed a lot of time.

2, Google algorithm

point the day and await for it!The original

5, the website itself is a problem of

if your website weight is not high, to collect the copy some articles, Google collected first and comparing the database according to its algorithm and delete, this is Google advocate website update, continue to provide high quality content, with search engine play collection, pseudo original that there is no tomorrow today.

To adjust and update

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