Michael Keaton Returns to the St. James to Catch Something Rotten!

first_imgOscar nominee Michael Keaton recently caught a performance of Something Rotten!, and we suspect he had no problem navigating the backstage halls of the St. James Theatre. After all, the star filmed several long takes at the space while working on the Broadway-centric Oscar-winning film Birdman. After the show, he took to the stage (this time, as a guest) to snap a shot with his Spotlight co-star Brian d’Arcy James, Christian Borle, John Cariani, Heidi Blickenstaff and more. Here’s hoping this Birdman is OK with eggs! View Comments Something Rotten! Show Closed This production ended its run on Jan. 1, 2017 Related Showslast_img

Odds & Ends: Beauty and the Beast Star Emma Watson Sings ‘Belle’ & More

first_imgLooking forward to working with this legend. #Mufasa pic.twitter.com/1LszbWrcYT— Jon Favreau (@Jon_Favreau) February 18, 2017 Here’s a quick roundup of stories you may have missed today.Hear Emma Watson Sing ‘Belle’ Mama Broadway watch 2017 continues! Disney’s live action Beauty and the Beast remake is slated to hit theaters on March 17, and the  song clips and trailers have us lining up to buy our popcorn. Luckily, we’ve gotten a glimpse of Audra McDonald in her costume as Garderobe, but we can’t wait to hear those Tony-winning pipes tackle that new song. However, fans can hear (and see) title star Emma Watson in the latest clip of the rousing opening number, “Belle.” Take a look below! Kevin Kline & Emma Watson in ‘Beauty and the Beast'(Photo: Disney) Donald Glover Just Can’t Wait to Be KingDonald Glover, who picked up two Golden Globe awards for creating and starring in FX’s dramedy Atlanta, will star as Simba in Disney’s live-action remake of The Lion King. Tony winner and screen legend James Earl Jones will return to the role of Mufasa, which he voiced in the 1994 animated film. Previously reported director Jon Favreau announced the news on Twitter. View Commentscenter_img I just can’t wait to be king. #Simba pic.twitter.com/wUYKixMBJI— Jon Favreau (@Jon_Favreau) February 18, 2017 Chita Rivera & Tommy Tune Will Hit the RoadThey have 12 Tony Awards between them, and they are heading out on tour! Broadway legends Chita Rivera and Tommy Tune are set to co-star in a unique concert event Chita & Tune – Two for the Road this fall. Tour dates will be announced at a later time.Anna Kendrick’s Singing ProblemTony nominee and screen favorite Anna Kendrick stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers to discuss her new movie Table 19—and her singing problem. Don’t get us wrong: We love Kendrick’s voice. However, she apparently sings about whatever she is doing (this includes making breakfast tacos, apparently). “It’s one of those qualities I find so annoying in other people,” Kendrick said. “But I do it all the f**king time.” It’s all right, Anna. We’ve totally been there, and we can’t wait to watch the “Cups” queen belt it out in Pitch Perfect 3 this December! P.S. Academy Award winner, Broadway star and now lip syncer extraordinaire! The Present’s Cate Blanchett took the stage at the Stonewall Inn on February 20 to perform Dusty Springfield’s anthem “You Don’t Own Me.” The strutting, the diamonds, the drag queens—it’s all perfect.last_img read more

Clean Sinks.

first_imgWhen it comes to kitchen sinks, stainless steel is still thecleanest, says a University of Georgia researcher.To find the best sink type, Joe Frank, a food microbiologistwith the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences,put today’s kitchen sink surfaces through food safety tests inhis lab.New and Old Materials Tested”So many new materials are being manufactured for kitchensinks,” Frank said. “We wanted to see how they standup to food pathogens that can be found in your home kitchen.”For the test, Frank compared sinks made of stainless steel,mineral resin and polycarbonate plastic. All were tested in bothnew and used conditions.Frank exposed the sink surfaces to Staphylococcus aureus,a pathogen commonly found in household kitchens. “We selectedS. aureus because it’s harder to kill,” he said.The surfaces were exposed to the pathogen and then cleanedwith chlorine, ammonia, bleach and liquid sanitizers.Abraded Surfaces Harder to CleanAll abraded or used sinks were harder to sanitize. But Frankfound the hardest surface to clean was the mineral resin sink.The easiest to clean, he found, was the new stainless steel sink.”New products, especially plastics, are really easy toclean. But once a surface is abraded, it’s just harder to clean,”Frank said. “A new stainless steel surface is rougher initially,but it doesn’t abrade easily, either.”Frank said all surfaces will become harder to sanitize themore they’re used. Using proper cleaning supplies is the key tokeeping your kitchen sink free of harmful bacteria and reducingyour family’s risk of food-borne illnesses.Clean and Sanitize”Remember that a cleanser only removes bacteria,”Frank said. “You have to use a sanitizer to kill bacteria.”UGAfood safety specialists recommend combination cleaning in thekitchen.”Always wash and clean your kitchen surfaces first witha detergent solution,” said Elizabeth Andress, an ExtensionService food safety specialist with the UGA College of Familyand Consumer Sciences. “Then clean the surfaces with a chlorinebleach-solution spray.”Andress said you can easily prepare a chlorine-solution sprayat home by mixing 1 tablespoon of bleach with a gallon of water.”Then put the solution in a spray bottle and use it to spotclean your kitchen surfaces,” she said.She recommends using this solution within a few days. The dilutedbleach solution will lose its strength when exposed to the air.”It’s best to mix up a fresh solution each time you planto sanitize,” Andress said.(Staphylococcus aureus image courtesy of the Centers forDisease Control and Prevention. Sink image courtesy Advanced TabcoInc.)last_img read more

Vermont tourism launches comeback campaign for fall foliage

first_imgAdding another dimension to its inspirational response to Irene, the State of Vermont today announced a multi-disciplinary task force charged with restoring tourism, and the vital economic activity it generates, during the state’s celebrated fall foliage season.  Composed of representatives from the Vermont Chamber of Commerce, Vermont Ski Areas Association, Vermont Agency of Transportation, Vermont Department of Forest Parks and Recreation, Vermont-based communications firms HMC2 and Hen House Media and state tourism officials, the task force will use a comprehensive communications campaign to highlight the accessibility of Vermont and that most areas of Vermont are ready to provide the inspirational foliage experience the state is known for.‘While Vermont continues to work diligently to revitalize areas impacted, Governor Shumlin and Lt. Governor Scott have tasked us with doing everything we can to communicate that, with a few exceptions, our communities’and their inns, bed and breakfasts, attractions, restaurants and resorts ‘are open for business and that, without exception, our foliage season is going to be spectacular,’ said Steve Cook, deputy commissioner of tourism.   ‘With the interstates and 85 percent of the state’s roads fully open, visitors can have the authentic Vermont foliage experience that our state is so very proud to provide,’ Cook added.‘We want people to know that Vermont is open for business, we are ready to welcome visitors for our spectacular fall foliage, and there are a ton of memorable things to do and see here in the Green Mountain State,’ added Vicky Tebbetts, vice president of the Vermont Chamber of Commerce.  ‘Vermont is moving forward’that’s the Vermont way and it’s an impressive sight to behold,’ said Parker Riehle, president of Ski Vermont.  ‘One very important way to help with this effort is to keep or make travel plans to visit Vermont.  We’ll be here to greet everyone with a warm smile when they arrive.’ The task force expects to launch the first element of its effort Friday and sustain the campaign through foliage season.  For example, in addition to traditional media, and given the significant role that social media and user-generated content have played in the response to Irene, this task force will make extensive and innovative use of grassroots social media outlets that will allow Vermonters and visitors alike to actively participate in the campaign.  Information on the Foliage Force and ways to support this effort can be found at www.vermontpartners.org(link is external).last_img read more

Summer Legs

first_imgSummer legs are growing.It didn’t seem like it could happen, but there I was cranking up Hazzard Street in my middle ring as if I never really remembered it being so short. Then I found myself in the big ring climbing Old 70. I swear I’m usually suffering in the tiny ring going nearly backwards at just the thought of the upcoming hill.It’s not that I’m in top shape or anything, but that I’m paying attention to the little changes as they occur. It’s definitely encouraging. Especially since I haven’t had that luxury in five years, but instead struggled to maintain a base level of fitness. There’s no telling if I will have the opportunity to keep it going – what next week’s drama will unfold to be.I want to say it’s the new shorts, or the tune-up, or the running, but really I think it’s from riding my bike, and losing five pounds. It’s amazing to me how five pounds can really make a difference. The next time you’re in the grocery store, pick up five pounds of ground beef and imagine having that hanging somewhere on your body, stressing your cardio system and joints.It’s possible that exercising caused me to both lose five pounds as well as get stronger. It’s also possible that only riding bikes makes you stronger riding bikes. While consistent cross-training allows the body to respond quicker to any training, there is little that replicates spinning wheels up a steep-ass hill if you want to get better at spinning wheels up a steep-ass hill.I’m also beginning to believe the hooplah about gluten and sugar. I’m not sure which is worse, because I can’t seem to quit drinking beer. By the way, I asked my skinny girlfriend how she stays so skinny during her bouts off of the bike. She peered at my love handles and said, “I don’t really drink all that much beer.” Ouch! We laughed.Anyway, I’ve watched friends and massage clients cut the gluten and sugar and entirely resolve inflammation, high blood pressure, and cholesterol. My aching shoulders and left wrist are desperate for something so I’m willing to try. I’ve cut back a lot, trying to eat only fresh produce and lean proteins. Processed  foods are poison. Really yummy poison. Well, I can’t seem to back off of the bacon either. I mean…come on. Bacon-flavored mints just weren’t cutting it.Although I haven’t cut gluten and sugar out entirely, I did a bit of a test. I went for three days eating out of my kids’ Easter baskets and feasting on garlic bread and birthday cake. I truly felt like crap for two days. My focus was off, I was testy, and I had less energy. That being said, I also believe that had I had the opportunity to run or ride, I would have burned much of that out of my system quicker. I also think some of that is helpful during, or directly after, prolonged cardio sessions when the body will still be burning. I’m not saying it’s any better for you, but it’s definitely burned off and flushed out quicker. It gives a quick burst, rather than a lasting one, which is why I think whole grains are an important part of the recipe for a happy body. Beyond the nutrients, they nurture a slow-burning engine.I will keep trying different combinations, because as my father so blatantly put it, “You are middle-aged, you know.”Click here for more Spinning My Wheels from Bettina!last_img read more

Guatemala and Peru Seek to Reinforce Trade and Ratify Anti-Drug Fight

first_img On July 18, during a visit to Lima, Guatemalan Foreign Minister Harold Caballeros said that his country seeks to reinforce trade ties with Peru in order to promote investment and highlighted the two countries’ mutual cooperation in the fight against drug trafficking in Latin America. “Guatemala’s commercial sector has a positive view of the economic evolution of Peru, one of Latin America’s most dynamic economics,” Caballeros said after meeting with Peruvian businesspeople to talk about commercial exchange. “We have a wide-ranging business portfolio in front of us. I encourage you to join us in establishing alliances that can enable us to get to know the opportunities for investment to develop business proposals based on quality, innovation, and competitiveness,” the Guatemalan foreign minister said. Peru has a particular interest in intensifying its trade relations with Latin American countries in view of the difficulties confronting its partners in Europe and the United States, according to that country’s trade minister, José Silva. Separately, Caballeros and his Peruvian counterpart, Rafael Roncagliolo, signed a declaration ratifying their concern about the serious threat posed by illicit drug trafficking and transnational organized crime. In the document, both foreign ministers stressed their commitment to consolidating South America as a region of peace, free from anti-personnel mines. The two countries increased their cooperation in October 2011, when they agreed to exchange information about the anti-drug fight and drug trafficking in the region. With regard to trade, Peru and Guatemala signed a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in December that is supposed to contribute to strengthening the economies of the two countries in the face of potential international crises. The FTA allows more than 5,000 products tariff-free access to the two markets, as well as providing facilities for the temporary entry of businesspeople and investors. By Dialogo July 20, 2012last_img read more

July 15, 2002 Letters

first_imgJuly 15, 2002 Letters July 15, 2002 Letters LettersManners Count Did I miss something? In a June 15 letter the writer suggests that all lawyers could benefit from a seminar on manners. Certainly, it’s hard to argue with that. What perplexes me is how from this general proposition on lawyers and manners the writer then sees his way clear to bash prosecutors. He suggests prosecutors are robbing people of their “integrity and dignity” by “threatening” them with a trial. If in fact these prosecutors are “threatening” the accused, then I submit more than a manners refresher is in order. However, if these prosecutors are merely pointing out that a jury trial is the alternative to a rejected plea offer, there is no legitimate complaint. No prosecutor ever wants an innocent person to plead guilty to anything. And with all due respect to what the accused’s family “knows” he did not do, it would be the shoddy prosecutor indeed who made prosecutorial decisions based on the opinions of the accused and his family. As a prosecutor I don’t make the decision to charge a case based on what the police or victims “know,” but rather on what I can prove with admissible evidence. Likewise, I don’t make the decision to drop a case based on what the accused’s family and friends “know.” The latter is as inappropriate as the former. Furthermore, like every prosecutor, I would love to listen to the accused prior to trial, rather than hear his “story” for the first time from the witness stand — and after he has had the benefit of hearing all of the evidence. Francis J. Allman, Jr. Quincy Lawyers and Guns Lawyers should be able to store guns at courthouses. That’s why a group is being formed (The Lawyer’s Second Amendment Association) to provide gun lockers for lawyers at courthouses. Utah already has a law that requires courthouses to provide gun lockers, and the LSAA thinks Utah has a good idea that should be adopted everywhere. State and/or federal laws would probably have to change to permit lawyers to store guns in gun lockers. As a Libertarian candidate for the state legislature, I intend to introduce Utah’s statute in Florida. I am also contacting Congress members and state legislators locally and nationwide to adopt laws similar to Utah’s to allow gun lockers at government buildings. Many states already enable lawyers to carry concealed firearms, and many lawyers have the right to carry concealed firearms, and gun lockers will help achieve the purpose of CCF laws. Utah Republican Rep. John Swallow, who sponsored the Utah law requiring gun lockers, said it was intended as a protection. He said it’s more dangerous for people to leave guns in cars or hide them behind bushes. Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff said judges must obey the Utah law. “If they don’t, I’ll seek input from the legislature and the governor before I take any action, which could include a lawsuit,” he said. The recent past has caused government to treat lawyers as enemies. The public perceives lawyers as passively abandoning Fourth and Second amendment rights and allowing assembly-line searches and gun prohibition. We are helping to restore trust between public officials and the general population. And we want to improve the public’s perception of lawyers as supporting freedom, not destroying it. Ellis Rexwood Curry IV Tampalast_img read more

All Bar Conference to focus on Dignity in Law program

first_imgBar leaders: Mark your calendars by placing a large red circle around January 16. Or for the legal tekkies out there, punch the date into your electronic organizer for the 2003 All Bar Conference.Bar President Tod Aronovitz is requesting your participation in this special meeting to review the Dignity in Law campaign and engage in lively dialogue about the need to increase public awareness about the important role lawyers play in society.“Most lawyers and judges are proud of our profession and are dismayed by unwarranted attacks,” Aronovitz said. “It’s time to draw a line in the sand and to state that we comprise a unique profession and that we won’t accept unjustified criticism any longer.”The conference will be held in conjunction with The Florida Bar’s January15-18 Midyear Meeting at the Hyatt Regency in Miami. In early November, invitations will be sent by the president to Florida Bar leaders including the Bar Board of Governors, The Florida Bar Young Lawyers board, voluntary bar leaders, section and standing committee chairs, members of the board of The Florida Bar Foundation, and the judiciary.Dignity in Law is a public awareness campaign designed to promote dignity in the profession, as well as emphasizing the need for a fair and impartial judiciary by applying an intensive, consistent communications effort. The plan also is designed to complement existing Bar public information efforts.The daylong program tentatively includes media spokesperson training and a media panel discussion that will address the merits of the program and provide suggestions on how to improve the profession’s public perception. Only Florida journalists will appear on the panel.There also will be brainstorming sessions for all attendees to critically analyze communication techniques with legislators, media, bar members, and consumers.Aronovitz said the erosion of respect for the legal profession stems from its commercialization, promotion by advertisement, emphasis on profit and financial gain, as well as fast-paced competition with clients’ demands and the pursuit of legal excellence. Bar polls consistently show most Florida lawyers view journalistic attacks as unfair and ask Bar leadership “to take a stand to tell our story.”More than $250,000 has been contributed by Bar members and sections to support the Dignity in Law program, according to Toyca Williams, of the Bar’s Public Information Department. Aronovitz said he is satisfied with the program’s success so far and hears about it on a daily basis from lawyers, judges, and the public.“I can’t go to a courthouse, restaurant, or a public event and not be stopped by lawyers and judges who are proud of The Florida Bar’s effort to tell the whole story,” Aronovitz said. “We are getting the message out to all Floridians about the great work lawyers and judges do every day for their clients, in the courtrooms, and in the community.”Aronovitz recalls recently being recognized by a lawyer and his family in a pizza restaurant. The lawyer thanked Aronovitz and The Florida Bar for taking up the charge to tell a more complete story about lawyering in Florida.Williams said the message also has spread nationally and garnered support outside Florida. Other legal organizations have asked Aronovitz to speak to their members about Dignity in Law.“Contrary to the sensationalized criminal cases that the public most often associates with the legal profession, most legal work is essential and goes largely unnoticed,” Aronovitz said. “From buying or selling a home to preparing a will, Floridians rely on attorneys to ensure that their rights and best interests are protected.” All Bar Conference to focus on Dignity in Law program November 1, 2002 Regular Newscenter_img All Bar Conference to focus on Dignity in Law programlast_img read more

Best practices for keeping mobile data safe

first_img continue reading » As technology becomes more and more a part of personal and work life, it’s important to take precautions to protect stored data. If your employees use a smartphone or other mobile device for work, follow these guidelines to protect business information.ConnectTurn off Bluetooth and auto-pairing when they aren’t being used.Use updated Wi-Fi protected access or a virtual personal network, and never share your phone’s hotspot service set identifier with others.Install mobile device management tools that allow the data and security controls to be controlled remotely. ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img

Allsop raises a glass to public house success …

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