Greater Toronto home sales drop 16 per cent in 2018 fewer houses

first_imgTORONTO — The number of homes sold in Toronto and the surrounding area fell in 2018, along with the number of new listings hitting the market, as homebuyers and sellers grappled with a new reality of higher interest rates and stricter mortgage rules.The Toronto Real Estate Board says there were 77,426 residential transactions recorded through its Multiple Listing Service (MLS) system last year, down 16.1 per cent from 92,263 sales in 2017.The board says the total number of new listings was also lower, pulling back 12.7 per cent to 155,823 in 2018.Meanwhile, the average selling price for all property types in the Greater Toronto Area fell by 4.3 per cent to $787,300.TREB, which represents more than 52,000 real estate agents across the region, says the number of sales in December fell 22.5 per cent to 3,781, down from 4,876 in the same month a year earlier.The average sale price in December rose slightly by 2.1 per cent to $750,180 from $734,847 when compared to December 2017.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Leaders welcome SC decision on Ayodhya row

first_imgNew Delhi: Political leaders welcomed the Supreme Court’s decision to appoint a panel headed by retired apex court judge F M I Kalifulla to explore the possibility of an amicable settlement of the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid land dispute case. BSP leader Mayawati called the move “appreciable”. “Hon’ble Supreme Court’s order to constitute in-camera mediation (in Faizabad) in order to resolve the Ayodhya matter seems an honest effort. Hon’ble Court looking for ‘a possibility of healing relationships’ is an appreciable move. BSP welcomes it,” she said on Twitter. Also Read – How a psychopath killer hid behind the mask of a devout laity! In an apparent reference to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi said he should act in an “unbiased” manner. “It would have been better had the Supreme Court appointed a neutral person. One of the members of the panel had threatened Muslims that India would become Syria and I hope that he keeps those thoughts out of his mind while being on the mediation panel. We welcome the decision,” he told reporters. CPI(M) leader Brinda Karat said the previous mediation efforts had failed to yield results but this time, the Supreme Court is monitoring it and all the parties who have gone to the court are in agreement with the decision and it is to be seen what will be the result. Also Read – Encounter under way in Pulwama, militant killed The Supreme Court Friday gave the panel eight weeks to complete its proceedings. The other members of the panel will be spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and senior advocate Sriram Panchu, said a five-judge Constitution Bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi and added that they can co-opt more members if needed. Ravishankar said the Supreme Court’s decision is in the best interest of the country. “This move towards mediation by the Hon Supreme Court is in the best interest of the country and all parties concerned. We should not leave any stone unturned in resolving this burning issue amicably. We should keep our egos and differences aside and come together with a spirit of honouring & accommodating the sentiments of the communities concerned. Respecting everyone, turning dreams to reality, ending long-standing conflicts happily and maintaining harmony in society – we must all move together towards these goals,” he tweeted.last_img read more

Stolen 17th Century Italian Masterpiece Found in Casablanca

Rabat – A 17th century masterpiece, by Italian painter, Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, known as Le Guerchin (1591-1666), has been recovered by the judicial police of Hay El Hassini. The painting was stolen in 2014 from a church in northern Italy (Modena), according to MAP.After being checked by the carabinieri of the unit specializing in the protection of Italian cultural heritage, the painting was verified as “The Virgin, Saint John the Evangelist and Gregory the Thaumaturge,” painted by Le Guerchin in 1639, according to the prosecutor’s office. The 2.93 m by 1.84 m sized painting was stolen in August 2014 from the church of Saint Vincent of Modena. The masterpiece is estimated by experts to be valued somewhere between five and six million euros.“In the evening of Tuesday, the Moroccan authorities communicated, via Interpol, that during a survey of three of their compatriots, a large canvas that could correspond to a theft that occurred in Italy was found,” said the prosecutor in a statement.Three people were arrested on February 15 in possession of the work, suspected of being linked to a criminal gang specializing in antiquities trafficking, according to a statement from the Directorate General of National Security (DGSN), dated of February 17.The culprits were trying to sell the painting for 940,000 euros to a rich Moroccan entrepreneur in Casablanca, who, having recognized the value of the work, contacted the authorities. The Italian Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini said in a press release relayed by EFE the Spanish international news agency, on February 17, that “the Italian and Moroccan governments are working closely to ensure that this masterpiece goes back to Italy as quickly as possible and is returned to its community.”Investigations and research into databases for artworks declared stolen or mislaid by Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization), have confirmed the existence of a flight notice issued by the Italian security authorities concerning an historic painting meeting the same artistic dimensions and criteria, the DGSN said in a statement.According to the same source, as soon as Moroccan authorities confirmed the painting was indeed Guerchin’s, they contacted the Rome office of the International Police Organization. “The initial results of the investigation revealed, preliminarily, that this is indeed the historical painting that the Italian authorities had reported as stolen,” said the DGSN in a communiqué. The same source revealed that an inquiry has been opened with the Court of Appeal of Casablanca. read more

Millions of Iraqi children benefiting from UNbacked school supplies programme

The drive, organized by the Iraqi Education Ministry and the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) with support from the European Commission, aims to reach all Iraqi primary schools, bringing basic learning tools to millions of children aged 6 to 11. “Iraq’s parents and teachers have shown unshaken determination to educate their children through years of deprivation, but the current terrible insecurity is testing many to the limit,” UNICEF Representative for Iraq Roger Wright said, calling on the international community to provide more support to protect the war-torn country’s education system during the current emergency. “Iraq’s education system needs a great deal more investment and attention to survive this time of crisis.” The system is now dangerously vulnerable, with many schools not operating normally. Violence is compounding the corrosive effects of years of under-investment throughout the 1990s, depleting teaching staff and eroding school infrastructure. The current insecurity is making the choice for families to send their children to school a life-threatening one in some areas. Over 800,000 children may now be out of school according to a recent estimate by Save the Children UK, up from 600,000 in 2004. These children are likely to miss out on their right to education altogether unless they receive urgent support and protection. Mr. Wright acknowledged the great commitment by the Government to prioritize education even under the most difficult circumstances. In the last two years alone more than 159 damaged school buildings and 800 school water and sanitation facilities have been restored, 30,000 teachers retrained and basic school materials delivered directly to Iraq’s children with the support of UNICEF and partners including the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the European Commission. “Schools are a symbol of hope to Iraq’s families,” Mr. Wright said. “We must do everything in our power to keep Iraq’s classroom doors open, welcoming and safe for children.” Materials will be distributed both centrally from Baghdad and directly to local governorates, reaching even the most remote schools. Supplies will arrive in classrooms in advance of the second half of the school year. 15 February 2007Millions of school bags, books, pencils and other essential learning materials are now being delivered to Iraq’s primary schoolchildren thanks to a United Nations-backed national school supply drive. read more

Health of African women should be priority UN says

30 May 2008The health of African women is lagging behind the rest of the world, and leaders should move the issue to the top of their agenda, according to the head of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). “Of all the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), goal number five – preventing women’s deaths during pregnancy and childbirth – is generating the least resources and lagging the furthest behind. And African women are paying the price,” UNFPA Executive Director Thoraya Ahmed Obaid said today.Ms. Obaid was speaking today at the Fourth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD IV), a joint process between Japan and the UN Development Programme (UNDP).She called on all leaders “to make the health of women a political and development priority.”In a related development at the summit, Japan announced a doubling of development assistance for Africa over the next five years.“In the future, Africa will become a powerful engine driving the growth of the world,” Prime Minister of Japan Yasuo Fukuda said at the opening of the conference.Mr. Fukuda pledged that Japan would offer up to $4 billion of loans to assist African countries boost infrastructure and agriculture, and he also announced the creation of the Japan Bank for International Cooperation Facility for African Investment, which would extend $2.5 billion in financial support.“The theme of the Conference very much captures the impressive achievements of many African countries,” said UNDP Administrator Kemal Dervis. “In terms of overall economic progress, average annual economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa has been above five per cent since 2004, reaching 6 per cent in 2007 – one percentage point higher than the world average.”Deputy Secretary-General Asha-Rose Migiro stated that “with a concerted drive by African governments and their development partners, we can accomplish these goals for a better world.”TICAD IV priorities include boosting economic growth, ensuring human security, ensuring achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), consolidation of peace and democratization and climate change.Japan will feed the results of the summit into the G-8 meeting of leading industrialized nations, which will be held in Tokyo in July and chaired by Mr. Fukuda. read more

Nothing stylish or beautiful about smoking tobacco Ban tells women

31 May 2010Describing tobacco as “ugly and deadly,” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today urged women around the world to refrain from the substance even as they were increasingly targeted by advertisers who used gimmicks to associate smoking with beauty and gender liberation. “Tobacco is not stylish or empowering,” the Secretary-General stressed in his message to mark World No Tobacco Day, whose focus this year is tobacco and gender in a bid to discourage the trend in which more young women are being lured to start smoking. According to a recent study by the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO), the number of girls and boys who smoked was about equal in half in the 151 countries where the survey was carried out. More girls used tobacco than boys in some of the countries, including Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Cook Islands, Croatia, Czech Republic, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria and Uruguay, the agency said. Although fewer than one in 10 women smoke, that still adds up to 200 million women around the world, according to WHO, which also reports that more than 1.5 million women die of smoking-related causes across the world every year. That toll could rise to 2.5 million women by 2030, the Secretary-General warned. “Governments everywhere must take action to protect women from tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship, as stipulated in the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control,” Mr. Ban said. Under the convention, governments are also obligated to protect women from second-hand tobacco smoke, which is responsible for the deaths of 600,000 people each year, nearly two-thirds of them women. Margaret Chan, the Director-General of WHO, said in her message that women were a major target for the tobacco industry in its effort to recruit new users to replace those who quit or died prematurely from tobacco-related diseases. “By enforcing the WHO Framework Convention, governments can reduce the toll of fatal and crippling heart attacks, strokes, cancers and respiratory diseases that have become increasingly prevalent among women,” said Douglas Bettcher, Director of WHO’s Tobacco Free Initiative. Tobacco use is one of the main causes of preventable death. Overall, the habit kills more than five million people every year, according to WHO. The international launch of World No Tobacco Day 2010 took place today in Tokyo. read more

The Spurs Were an Outlier of Unselfishness

The popular narrative for the NBA Finals that just concluded is pretty straightforward: The San Antonio Spurs “play basketball the way it’s supposed to be played,” and they beat the star-studded Miami Heat in what Zach Lowe called “the triumph of the NBA’s beautiful game.” The Spurs’ offense whipped the ball around, and Miami couldn’t handle such a multifaceted attack. The Heat, on the other hand, were forced to rely on what is increasingly becoming their Big One. LeBron James was epic throughout the playoffs and had an MVP-quality performance in the finals, but the top-heavy Heat collapsed under their own weight.A variety of statistics back up this description of the difference between the two teams, if not the normative judgment. For example, the Spurs had nine different players take four or more field goal attempts per game throughout the playoffs, compared to just six for Miami. More advanced statistics show something similar.One stat we can use to see how much offensive responsibilities are being spread around is “usage rate,” which estimates the percentage of a team’s possessions that were “used” by a particular player. Possessions are “used” by making field goal attempts, getting fouled or turning the ball over. Players such as James, Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony typically “use” a lot of possessions because they handle the ball a lot, take a lot of shots and play a lot of minutes. And because there are only so many possessions to go around, one player’s high usage rate means fewer scoring opportunities for his teammates. Teams like the Spurs, however, spread the ball around more, and more players get significant minutes, so they have a more flat distribution of possessions used.Here’s a look at how top-heavy NBA teams were in 2014, with the Spurs and Heat singled out:The x-axis on this graph is a player’s rank in a team’s usage rate, and the y-axis is the difference between the number of possessions that player used per game and the number used by the player with the highest rate. The lower the line, the more evenly a team distributes its chances across its players.Depending on how deep down the roster you look, the Heat are between the second- and fourth-most top-heavy team, while the Spurs are one of the most balanced. So that backs up the narrative.On the other hand, spreading the ball around isn’t easy, and it’s not the normal path to victory in the NBA. The most top-heavy team (and the top line on the chart) is the Oklahoma City Thunder, who had the second-best record in basketball and did better against this Spurs team than Miami did. The most evenly distributed team overall was the Brooklyn Nets, who did make the playoffs but lost in five games to the Heat.The Spurs won a lot more than we would expect for a team as balanced as they are. The 15 teams with the largest gaps between their top player and their eighth player (by possessions used per game) won 57.5 percent of their games, while the 15 with the smallest gaps won 42.5 percent (the Spurs were second-lowest).Of course, not all sharing is created equal: Sometimes a team has a more equitable distribution of possessions because it has a lot of talent and it needs to incorporate it all. Sometimes it does it because it has very little talent and doesn’t have anyone it can consistently rely on. Likewise, being top-heavy can be a result of having an overly ambitious shooter on a team, or it can just be that a team has a great player doing his job. read more

Commentary Glory at stake in NFL conference championship games

In one of the most popular professional sports league in the United States, there’s a lot at stake when a win means a trip to the Super Bowl. Arguably, though, this NFL Championship Sunday is putting a little bit more on the line than just a spot in the biggest annual sports spectacle in the world. Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Ray Lewis, Joe Flacco, Matt Ryan, Colin Kaepernick and the Harbaugh brothers will all be playing this weekend for a chance to hoist the coveted Lombardi trophy. With all of those big names involved, it’s inevitable that either history will be made, legacies will be solidified, or reputations will again be up for debate for at least another year. Last weekend Brady passed his boyhood idol and NFL legend Joe Montana on the list for most all-time playoff wins with 17. But while playoff wins are quite a resume builder for most, with Brady’s first ballot Hall of Fame induction already locked up, it’s more likely that the Montana record that Brady really wants to associate himself with is four Super Bowl wins. With a victory against the Ravens in Foxborough on Sunday, Brady will have a chance to match Montana’s mark and solidify his place in the argument of the greatest quarterback in NFL history. Not to mention, a win would extend his and Bill Belichick’s record of most Super Bowl appearances as a quarterback-head coach duo. On the other side of the field in Foxborough, Ray Lewis will be doing everything in his power to stop Brady from accomplishing that goal. With a win on Sunday, Lewis will give himself the chance to win a second Super Bowl and finish his historic career on top. Though Lewis is already considered the best leader and linebacker in the history of the league by most, a second ring to go along with his 13 pro-bowl selections would leave no doubt. Covering Lewis’ back on the offensive side of the ball in this game will be Flacco. If Flacco can help lead Lewis and company to New Orleans on Feb. 3, he can finally justify his self-proclamation as an “elite” quarterback. With a subpar performance and third AFC championship game loss in five years, though, Flacco will be eating his words, as well as those of the many NFL fans who think he is overrated and cocky. While the AFC side of championship weekend features two living legends, the story on the NFC side is about legacy building. Ryan of the Falcons silenced critics last weekend with a clutch drive in the waning moments of the game, allowing his kicker to ground the Seahawks with a game-winning field goal as time expired. However, with a loss at home to San Francisco in the NFC championship game Sunday, that landmark victory for Ryan, as well as his hopes to build his legacy as an “elite” quarterback, might very well become a distant memory. Not only would a loss drop his career playoff record to a disappointing 1-4, but it would give Kaepernick twice as many crucial playoff wins as Ryan in less than half the tries. On that same note, with two playoff wins in nine career NFL starts, regular or postseason, and a Super Bowl appearance, a win in Atlanta would get Kaepernick off to a groundbreaking start to his career. He’d also be well on his way to building a legacy for himself as one of the premier running quarterbacks of all time. On top of all the personal glory that has the potential to be achieved with any of the four possible Super Bowl matchups, perhaps the most intriguing part of NFL Championship Sunday is that it holds the power to yield an historic “Harbaugh Bowl.” The drama involved with a John Harbaugh-led Ravens team squaring off against a Jim Harbaugh-led 49ers team would be unequalled. Everybody loves a big brother – little brother rivalry, but one that makes NFL history and results in bragging rights in the form of a Lombardi Trophy, now that is glorious. read more

Mayweather tells McGregor his confidence wont matter once the bell rings

first_img Floyd Mayweather Jr. hits a speed bagCredit:USA Today Sports Floyd Mayweather has warned Conor McGregor his confidence will count for little once they are in the ring together.The American’s 49-fight unbeaten record is on the line against mixed martial arts star McGregor, who will make his boxing debut at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on August 26.Irishman McGregor has claimed he will win inside four rounds despite never having previously boxed as a professional or amateur.The pair have traded insults during the promotional tour ahead of the bout but Mayweather appears ready for the talking to stop and the fighting to start. He said: “This isn’t just a fight. This is an event. We both owe the fans and everyone tuning in a lot of excitement. That’s what we’re there to give them.”When it’s all said and done it comes down to the two competitors. My dad can give me a brilliant game plan but he can’t get in there and fight for me. Same for Conor and his team.”It doesn’t matter who the crowd’s rooting for, it’s two men in there.”On paper we know he’s taller and has a long reach. He has youth on his side. People say that he has power on his side.”I know that ring IQ and experience are in my favour. I have the fight knowledge on my side. We both have advantages.” Floyd Mayweather Jr. hits a heavy bag during a media workout Floyd Mayweather Jr. hits a heavy bag during a media workoutCredit: USA Today Sports But Mayweather is aware the duo will be expected to put on an entertaining show given the global attention the bout has garnered.  Floyd Mayweather Jr. hits a speed bag “I’ve been here before and I know what it takes,” the 40-year-old said at a media workout at Mayweather Boxing Club.”My opponent is always confident, but it’s different being in there with Floyd Mayweather. They realise that this is real.”But for me, it’s just another day. That’s the mentality that has allowed me to stay undefeated.”Conor feels it’s not going to go past four rounds and I don’t think it’s going the distance. We’re both confident in our skills and we’ll see who gets it done.”Given McGregor’s non-existent boxing experience and Mayweather’s reputation as one of the finest fighters in history, many observers are predicting a mis-match. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Becker Vale secures Joy GlobalAnglo American contracts

first_imgBecker Vale a subsidiary of Becker Mining Systems has secured two major multimillion dollar contracts with Joy Global and its customer Anglo American’s Metallurgical Coal business. The first contract is to provide, install and commission electrical equipment and control systems for the future Grosvenor mine development project in Queensland.This contract includes four flameproof substations and six flameproof Direct Circuit Breakers (DCBs). The Endis substations and DCBs are manufactured by Becker (SAIT) in France and accessorised at the Becker Vale Moss Vale facility. The modular substations and eight outlet DCB revolutionise energy distribution in Australia with no-bolt door access and rackable circuit breaker/contactor assemblies allowing ease of access to the unit and expedite maintenance and troubleshooting.The second contract is to supply four flameproof Ventilation fans. The Beck-Air 910 fans are the latest Becker Vale variant comprising of 22 m3 with noise attenuation and variant inlet/outlet diameters supplied on skids as opposed to thetraditional wheel based designs.Joy is a major global provider of mining machinery for coal mines and the relationship will provide the underground coal market with electrical infrastructure from the portal to the working face.Grosvenor is a 100% Anglo American owned greenfield project in the Bowen Basin,  Queensland. The mine is expected to produce 5 Mt/y from its underground longwall operation over a projected life of 26 years. First development coal is expected in 2013 with commissioning of the longwall planned in 2016.These contracts will see Becker Mining Systems become a dominant force in the supply of flameproof electrical equipment to the underground Australian coal market.last_img read more

Rasmus Lauge is close to THW Kiel

Rasmus LaugeRasmus Lauge SchimdtTHW Kielwael jallouz ← Previous Story Pablo Simonet to French U.S Ivry Next Story → Israeli Cup 2013: City rivals Hapoel and Maccabi in the Final THW Kiel has a pick on generation 1991. After Tunisian youngstar Wael Jallouz has signed deal with “Zebras”, another player of that generation will take t-shirt of the best team in the World. That is Danish left back / playmaker, Rasmus Lauge (21) from BSV Silkeborg. Despite his age, Lauge has huge international experience. His debut for Danish NT was at WCH 2011 in Sweden. Since then he won European gold and World’s silver medal.Negotiations between Danish and German team are in the last stage. THW Kiel will leave Daniel Narcisse next summer in direction PSG, while next destination of Momir Ilic is still unknown. Serbian top gun is on the end of the contract….photo:

It was fun it was exciting it was Greek

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The 38th Semaphore Greek Festival, organised by the Greek Community of Port Adelaide in cooperation with the Parish of the Nativity of Christ, broke all records last weekend, with 37,000 attending the two-day festival. “We were just blown away by the numbers and the feedback we received from everyone,” says the president of the Port Adelaide Community, John Douvartzidis in an interview with Neos Kosmos following the event that attracted guests of all ages and backgrounds. Also in attendance were the states’ dignitaries such as His Grace Bishop Nikandros of Dorileon, Minister for Education, Child Development and Higher Education Susan Close who represented Premier of SA Jay Weatherill, Greek Australian State Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis, the Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Urban Development Stephen Mullighan, Leader of the Opposition Steven Marshall, Consul General of Greece in South Australia, Andreas Constantinos Gouras, Chair of Multicultural Affairs, Grace Portolesi, Federal Member for Hindmarsh, Steve Georganas and Federal Member for Port Adelaide, Mark Butler. “Our grandparents and our parents came to this country and worked very hard to make a good life and to help build this state and we should be very proud of how well Greek people are doing across Australia,” said Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis, before announcing a grant of $150,000 towards the Port Adelaide Community on behalf of the state government. Greek Armenian journalist and media personality George Donikian, who acted as MC on both days, welcomed the thousands of people and members of South Australia’s political elite, which always honours the event with its presence, who contributed to the festive atmosphere while he introduced the various dance groups as well as the four music bands offering entertainment with Greek traditional and modern music. More than 300 volunteers worked tirelessly around the clock, offering everyone Greek food and exclusively Greek drinks, Greek wines and alcoholic beverages in an attempt to keep it all as Greek as possible. “Our sole purpose and hope was to make everyone feel welcome and happy, and frankly we are all so humbled and grateful to each person that came through our doors last weekend and honoured our festival with their presence,” added the president, who also praised communications consultant Kyriakos Gold for the festival’s social media campaign, which went viral in just days, while he gave a special thank you to the volunteers and his committee. “At least 85 per cent of the volunteers these days are young Greek Australians who have come to me with such joy and excitement to offer their assistance; they have truly worked so hard in the months leading up to this event. “I am deeply moved and impressed by everyone’s positive energy and willingness, and I am hopeful that this is a sign for better years to come, with fresh ideas and initiatives which will assist us in the preservation and continuation of our Greek tradition and culture.”last_img read more

Autisme découverte dun mécanisme génétique potentiellement responsable

first_imgAutisme : découverte d’un mécanisme génétique potentiellement responsableSelon une étude publiée hier, des chercheurs américains sont parvenus à identifier un mécanisme génétique qui pourrait expliquer l’autisme. C’est en manipulant génétiquement des souris présentant des symptômes similaires à ceux d’enfant autistes que des chercheurs américains ont découvert un mécanisme génétique dans ce trouble. En effet, d’après l’étude publiée hier dans les Annales de l’Académie nationale américaine des sciences (PNAS), le fait d’hériter d’un nombre de copies moindre de certains gènes se traduirait par des symptômes ressemblant à ceux provoqués par l’autisme chez les enfants.À lire aussiLe tardigrade, cet animal quasi indestructible, révèle la clé de ses super-pouvoirsDepuis 2007, et grâce au Professeur Michael Wigler du Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL), on sait que certains enfants autistes ont une petite partie de certains gènes sur le chromosome 16 qui sont effacés. Cette partie affecte 27 gènes dans une région du génome appelée 16p11.2, rapporte Ainsi, comme l’explique Alea Mills, professeur au CSHL et auteur principal de l’étude, “nous avions ainsi les outils pour voir si des changements dans le nombre de copies de gènes trouvés chez des enfants autistes provoquaient les symptômes”.Des symptômes semblables C’est donc en créant un modèle animal avec des souris rendues autistes avec une technique, dite d’ingénierie du chromosome, que les scientifiques ont démontré que le fait d’hériter d’un moins grand nombre de copies de ces gènes produit des symptômes ressemblant à ceux de l’autisme chez les enfants.Les souris génétiquement manipulées pour créer la même anomalie dans la partie du chromosome 16p11.2 (c’est-à-dire l’effacement de certaines parties du gène) ont montré une variété de comportements ressemblant cliniquement à l’autisme chez les humains : hyperactivité, difficultés d’adaptation à un nouvel environnement, déficits de sommeil et comportements répétitifs. Bien que certaines variations génétiques avaient déjà été identifiées chez des enfants autistes, c’est la première fois qu’un lien aussi direct est établi. La découverte fournit ainsi de nouvelles informations précieuses sur ce trouble du développement encore mal compris. Le 4 octobre 2011 à 10:14 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Lenovo lance une plateforme de téléchargement dapplications dédiée aux professionnels

first_imgLenovo lance une plateforme de téléchargement d’applications dédiée aux professionnelsLa société Lenovo a crée un Lenovo Enterprise App Shop, une plateforme de téléchargement d’applications, dédiée aux professionnels travaillant sous Android. La société Lenovo a décidé de lancer mercredi 28 mars, le Lenovo Enterprise App Shop à destination des professionnels. Il s’agit d’une plateforme de téléchargement d’applications basée sur le modèle de l’App Store et dédiée aux terminaux Android. Cette plateforme est disponible en mode Saas.Stéphane David, directeur commercial Entreprise & Secteur Public chez Lenovo Europe du Sud, détaille dans un communiqué : “de plus en plus de salariés utilisent leurs appareils mobiles personnels au travail, il devient essentiel pour les entreprises de gérer les applications propriétaires et tierces utilisées par ces salariés”. À la suite de ce constat, la vocation du Lenovo Enterprise App Shop est de créer “un magasin d’applications mobiles spécialement conçu pour les entreprises. Il intègre le protocole LDAP et supporte les différentes plateformes Android afin de faciliter la gestion de l’infrastructure informatique. Il permet également d’offrir aux utilisateurs des applications adaptées à leurs besoins pour accroître leur productivité”.Le Lenovo Enterprise App Shop permet à une entreprise de construire son propre espace de téléchargement, en gérant le catalogue des applications proposées sur la plateforme ainsi que les achats de licence et la suppression de programmes ne respectant pas les normes de sécurité. Le 1 avril 2012 à 20:15 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

De nouvelles tombes de vampires découvertes en Pologne

first_imgDe nouvelles tombes de “vampires” découvertes en PologneLa tombe de potentiels vampires vient d’être découverte par des archéologues près de la ville de Gliwice en Pologne. Les squelettes des défunts ont été retrouvés décapités, la tête sur les jambes. C’est l’un des rites funéraires qui étaient réalisés en cas de superstition vampirique.Plusieurs tombes mystérieuses ont été découvertes sur le chantier d’une route polonaise près de la ville de Gliwice. Un endroit était connu des archéologues en raison des nombreux vestiges ou tombes de soldats datant de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale qui y ont régulièrement été retrouvés. Cependant, c’est aujourd’hui un autre type de cadavre qui y a été découvert. En effet, les squelettes ont été trouvés décapités, le crâne sur les jambes. D’après les chercheurs, ceci correspond à un rituel funéraire qui dans le cas présent servait dans le sacrifice des vampires. En les décapitant, les villageois s’assuraient qu’aucun vampire mort ne puisse revenir à la vie et hanter les vivants en buvant leur sang. Néanmoins, aucun datation n’a encore pu être proposée pour ces tombes qui ne présentaient pas d’indices suffisants, comme des bijoux, des vêtements ou encore des objets, selon Jacek Pierzack, archéologue sur le lieu.Le vampire, une espèce à abattreLes vampires sont des valeurs sûres dans la superstition de tous depuis la nuit des temps. Que ce soit à l’époque médiévale, à la renaissance, ou même durant le XIXe siècle. Pour se débarrasser d’un vampire, toutes les méthodes étaient bonnes et avec le temps, les archéologues ont pu en identifier de multiples. On peut notamment citer le pieu dans le cœur, en métal ou en bois, des tiges de fer plantées dans la poitrine (2012, tombe en Bulgarie) ou encore la décapitation par corde. Dans tous les cas, il s’agissait à tout prix d’empêcher le monstre de revenir à la vie et de pouvoir mordre les vivants. Matteo Borrini, anthropologue, a publié ses recherches sur la question via la découverte de la première tombe de vampire connue, celle d’une femme ayant vécu au XVIe siècle durant la peste de Venise en Italie. Celle-ci avait été retrouvée avec une brique fermement calée dans la bouche (photo ci-dessus).Vampire, maladie et manque de connaissanceAvec le temps, le progrès scientifique et le recul nécessaire, les spécialistes ont expliqué que le vampirisme était souvent le “prétexte” trouvé en cas de maladies inexpliquées (peste, choléra, rage) ou de désastre (récolte improductive). Une manière pour les individus de l’époque de trouver une explication à des choses qu’ils ne comprenaient pas. Car c’est bien d’incompréhension qu’il s’agit. En effet, l’époque médiévale pour exemple était encore peu avancée du côté des connaissances scientifiques et médicales. À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Le processus de décomposition des corps, par exemple, était mal connu y compris des plus érudits et considéré comme un évènement surnaturel. Certains symptômes ou réactions physiques pouvaient alors passer pour le fruit d’un mal vampirique dont il fallait se débarrasser. Benjamin Radford, chroniqueur sur LiveScience explique que si le cercueil était bien fermé et enterré en hiver, la décomposition pouvait durer “des semaines voire des mois”. “La décomposition intestinale crée un ballonnement forçant le sang à s’écouler par la bouche, donnant l’impression que le mort vient de sucer du sang”. Il n’est alors pas étonnant que les villageois aient pu établir un lien avec le mythe du vampire en particulier dans les pays slaves. Reste maintenant pour les archéologues à déterminer l’origine exacte des tombes polonaises afin de pouvoir en apprendre davantage sur les cultes de l’époque.(Crédit Photo: Regional Conservator of Monuments)Le 15 juillet 2013 à 17:25 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

PUBG Corp Wises Up and Drops its Lawsuit Against Epic Games

first_img Last month, we brought you a story about how the PUBG Corporation (a subsidiary of Bluehole Entertainment) was suing Epic Games. The company claimed Epic’s Fortnite: Battle Royale violated the copyrighted material of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. As we said in our report, the whole thing seemed dubious. After all, how can a company sue another over a game mode? I originally said it would be wise for PUBG Corp to drop the lawsuit, and that’s exactly what the company has done. As of today, the battle between PUBG Corp and Epic is over.According to Bloomberg (via, the PUBG Corp sent a letter of withdrawal to Epic’s attorney’s, thus ending the case. This has been confirmed by PUBG, its legal representatives, and the South Korean court system (where the suit was originally filed). No reason was given for why the PUBG Corp withdrew its case or if a settlement between the two companies was reached out of court. Though the lawsuit was filed earlier this year, the PUBG Corp has complained about Fortnite since last year.PUBG originally entered into Early Access in March 2017. It became one of the most talked-about games of the year, selling well over 50 million copies on Xbox One and PC. Fortnite released a few months after PUBG but didn’t really gain traction until it added its own “Battle Royale” mode. Since then, Fortnite has overshadowed PUBG both in terms of popularity and success. As of the time of this writing, the free-to-play Fortnite is making over $300 million a month.Like I said before, this lawsuit was the very definition of pettiness. It very much looked like Bluehole became jealous of Fortnite‘s success and launched this lawsuit. However, you can’t just sue a game company over a game mode. If that was the case, Epic could easily sue countless companies that included a Gears of War-like “Horde” mode in their games. Let’s also not forget that PUBG runs on Epic’s Unreal Engine. The suit said Fortnite “stole” assets from PUBG. Technically, both games use the same assets since they both run on the same engine. However, unlike PUBG, Fortnite actually has distinctive weapons and a unique art style. Meanwhile, PUBG not only uses weapons found in countless shooters, but doesn’t do anything interesting art-wise.Now that this lawsuit is over, perhaps Bluehole can focus all of its energies on PUBG itself. With Battle Royale becoming the next gaming phenomenon, it might be a good idea for the company that popularized the mode to get its act together and try to create something people actually care about playing.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target ‘PUBG’ Story Trailer Teases the Unknown PlayerJordan Bans ‘Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds’ last_img read more

BAHAMAS ParkerEdgecombe Cites Success of NEMACDEMA Partnership

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#Bahamas, December 12, 2017 – Nassau – The success of regional countries and their various disaster management agencies in mitigating the effects of future disasters such as hurricanes while simultaneously building stronger, more resilient Caribbean countries, will largely depend upon continued regional cooperation and partnerships, Parliamentary Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister, Mrs. Pakesia Parker-Edgecombe said recently.Addressing the Gala Awards Dinner of the 10th Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDM) Conference at Melia Nassau Beach resort, held as the final event of the weeklong conference in New Providence, Mrs. Parker-Edgecombe cited the partnership between The Bahamas’ National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) as one such partnership that has yielded “great results.”“The efforts of the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency continue to positively impact the region in the way we prepare for, and respond to disasters most notably hurricanes.   Here on our shores, the National Emergency Management Agency likewise has demonstrated that it is capable of weathering many storms and that as a result of partnerships with relevant stakeholders, much can be accomplished,” Mrs. Parker-Edgecombe said.“Only through strong partnerships will we all succeed as we continue to witness Mother Nature’s wrath at strength levels stronger than yesteryear’s.   The partnership between CDEMA and NEMA is no different and throughout the years, has also yielded great results.”Parliamentary Secretary Parker-Edgecombe said the importance of regional conferences such as the 10th CDM cannot be emphasized enough.“They are a must for our region if we are to remain abreast of the latest in disaster management inclusive of, but not limited to areas such as technology, infrastructure, communications and most importantly, human resources.“This conference comes at a time in which we continue to rebuild following several storms which devastated our region this year, namely Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Rebuild we must. Resilient we are.”The Awards Dinner was used to recognize the contributions of the many hardworking and dedicated disaster managers in the region “who have toiled in some of the most dangerous weather conditions to ensure the safety of others and property.”“To all of you receiving an award tonight, you must continue with your good works, nation by nation, community by community, we are all pursuing the same goal – a stronger and more resilient Caribbean,” Parliamentary Secretary Parker-Edgecombe said.“It cannot go without saying that all of you present here tonight are indeed the unsung heroes of our region and very much deserving of such recognition,” Mrs. Parker-Edgecombe added.By: Matt Maura (BIS) Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Photo caption:  Parliamentary Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister, Responsible for Information and Communications, Mrs. Pakesia Parker-Edgecombe (at left) addressed the Gala Awards Dinner of the 10th Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDM) Conference at Melia Nassau Beach resort, December 8, 2017.(BIS Photo/Kristaan Ingraham)center_img Related Items:last_img read more

Active Interest Media Acquires Four Magazines

first_imgBackpacker publisher Active Interest Media has purchased four home magazines from Gloucester, Massachusetts-based Gloucester Publishers. Financial terms were not disclosed.The deal includes Old-House Interiors, Arts & Crafts Homes, Early Homes and the Design Sourcebook, as well as their online assets. The magazines will be relocated to AIM’s Home Buyer Publications division in Chantilly, Virginia. HMP publishes AIM’s Old-House Journal and New Old House.Patricia Poore, who created the four magazines, will continue to serve as editor-in-chief. A number of Gloucester Publishers employees had previously been laid off while some remained with the company on an “as needed basis,” HPG group publisher Laurie Sloan told FOLIO:. “The business location of these titles will change, but the dedication to connecting people who love old houses and old-house style—along with craftsmen and companies who produce products for period houses—will never change,” she said. Despite already owning two magazines in that market, Sloane said AIM will continue to publish all four Gloucester Publishers titles. In January, AIM struck and unusual asset swap with enthusiast publisher F+W Media in which it acquired F+W’s log and timber group, Home Buyer Publications, and shuttered Log Homes Illustrated and Timber Homes Illustrated.“We think this is a time when you’ll see a lot of consolidation in the market by stronger players like AIM,” DeSilva + Phillips managing partner Reed Phillips told FOLIO:.Old-House Interiors (published six times per year) and Arts & Crafts Homes (four times per year) carry 40,000 circulations. Early Homes (published twice per year) and the Design Center Sourcebook (published once annually) carry 20,000 circulations.last_img read more

Fort Wainwright rejecting IDs from 5 states American Samoa

first_img(Image via the Department of Homeland Security)Some visitors to Fort Wainwright are no longer able to enter using just their driver’s license to identify themselves.The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reports the Army base in Fairbanks began implementing the REAL ID Act Monday, forcing those with driver’s licenses from Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, Washington and the U.S. territory of American Samoa to provide additional identification for entrance.Fewer than half the states are in compliance with the 10-year-old law, which set national standards for identification cards. Other states, including Alaska, have been granted a waiver to comply by Oct. 10.The driver’s licenses that are no longer sufficient for entrance at Fort Wainwright aren’t valid because those states and American Samoa haven’t received waivers.Those visitors must present a passport or another form of identification.last_img

Lithium Urban Technologies plans expansion to Pune Chennai Hyderabad

first_img[Representational Image]Reuters fileLithium Urban Technologies, a Bengaluru-based startup that runs transportation services with a fleet of electric cars (Mahindra E2O), plans to raise money to fuel its expansion to other cities. The startup, launched in July 2015 with 40 electric cars, had a fleet of about 250 vehicles at the end of last month and said cost dynamics are at work more than environmental concerns. “Companies initially come to us not because of the green factor but the cost economics that we offer,” Sanjay Krishnan, a co-founder of the startup told the Economic Times.Elaborating, he said the running cost of a Mahindra E2O (an electric hatchback) at 70 to 80 paise per km was far lower than that of an Indica (about Rs 4 per km). Lithium Urban Technologies, which counts Tesco, Adobe, VMware, Unisys and Accenture as its clients in Bengaluru, wants to expand to Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad by acquiring many more electric cars, financed by a planned fund-raising exercise.Ashwini Mahesh is the other co-founder of the company.With an annual revenue of about $4 million currently, the company plans to raise about $6 million and eyes revenues of about $100 million in four years from now, Krishnan had told the Mint last December.Chetan Maini, founder of India’s first electric car Reva, joined the Lithium Urban Technologies board as the director in May last year. Investors in the startup include: Robin Chase (co-founder of car-sharing company Zipcar), subsidiary of KPIT Technologies and Narayan Ramachandran of InKlude Labs.Sale of EVs (electric vehicles) in India grew 37.5 per cent to 22,000 units in 2015-16 from 16,000 units in the previous year. However, electric cars constituted a tiny 2,000 units, according to Siam data.India has a target of having 6 million EVs on its roads by 2020, according to the Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP) 2020 and FAME (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles).From April 1, 2017, the EV makers would have to give details of emission levels to the road transport ministry. Apart from  Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Private Ltd., other EV makers in India include: Electrotherm (India) Ltd., Maruti Suzuki India Ltd., Hero Electric Vehicles Private Ltd., Toyata Kirloskar Motor Pvt. Ltd., Lohia Auto Industries, Ampere Vehicles Pvt. Ltd., Avon Cycles Ltd., Chris Motors and Ajanta Manufacturing Ltd. Nissan is planning to launch its electric car Leaf next year.last_img read more